Myanmar, Environmental Genocide and World Apathy

Forgive the world Father…

…for they know not what they do…

I arrive home from work this evening at 5:45 PM, my thoughts consumed with exhaustion and irriation at my terrible day at work.  Suddenly, the Channel Five news blinks on my tv screen and I’m shocked to hear that the death toll in Myanmar from Saturday’s Cyclone may reach 100,000.  Apparently the world is waiting for Visas giving them permission to provide aid to the survivors.  Humanitarian organizations estimate the death toll will mount higher as hunger, thirst, disease and unsanitary conditions create even more chaos.

An anger that knows no bounds surges inside my stomache.  How can we stand by to wait for “permission slips,” to provide food and supplies to the survivors?  Ten years from now will History books be shouting the shame of the world at its apathy and indesiciveness during this environmental genocide?  My eyes fill with tears.  Am I the only human wondering why we must stand helplessly by while governments politely wait for the “ok” to enter the country from the ruling military?

Lord, God, in Your mercy and kindness, please, please forgive us all for doing nothing.  Forgive me my own self absorbed focus…my troubles are so small…


~ by Andrea T on May 7, 2008.

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