An Icon of Surrender

My computer’s desktop has an unobtrusive icon labeled, “Surrender Box,” (this is no ordinary icon).  I created the folder for the times when I experience a difficult life issue and, only when I am absolutely ready to surrender the problem completely to God, I write a prayer of “letting-go” and drag and drop it into my Surrender Box. Finis! Problem gone. I spend no more time thinking about the issue.

Today I click on the folder and there are only two items inside: One dated April 9, 2008 the other, April 15. A Eureka moment! Is my life peaceful and unremarkable or, do I have a difficult time surrendering to God? Hmm. On April 9, I surrendered my day to God (shouldn’t I be doing so every day?) And, April 15, I surrendered a job application to God, (only if it is Your will, Lord, please let the job call me for an interview.)

I’m multi-tasking as I write this and also mentally composing my prayer of surrender about my mediocre performance review (see Meatloaf 3:15 And Performance Reviews). Actually, these past few days I have written a few letters (undelivered) to my supervisor about her unfairness, re-wrote and re-numbered my list of stunning work achievements, rehearsed my speech to the Human Resources Director about my excellent job performance and prayed and read my Bible. Now, I finally know what to do…

Dear Father, I so want to rush in and defend myself when I am treated unfairly by other people. I yearn to have my accomplishments recognized and afforded their due. I feel this issue so inensely I need You and Your grace to aid me in the correct conclusion. Help me so I realize the only supervisor I truly have is You. You know the inner workings of my heart. Only You see me clearly and fairly. Help me so I yearn to please You and to serve only You through my daily work. I surrender my work performance You and You alone. Teach me to love (1 Cor 13:1-13) and to become more like You so that I stop griping about my supervisor and focus more on You and Your kingdom instead of her areas of lack. I surrender this situation to You.  Amen.

~ by Andrea T on May 19, 2008.

7 Responses to “An Icon of Surrender”

  1. I’ve been following your journey and I just wanted to let you know that your heart is in the right place. I don’t know if I would be so calm in your situation, but God can bring peace in any situation, even the most tumultuous. May the peace of Christ truly be with you over this week as you continue at your job and seek his direction in what you are to do each day.

  2. I know just what you mean about trying to only please God and not people. I feel God led me to start my blog, that His purpose for me is to write about Him, to reveal my love for Him. But with my obsessive nature, I can’t stop looking at the stats to see what people think of my work. But that is so wrong, and it is interfering with my intimacy with Him, becoming an idol. So I took the hits counter off my blog! And I don’t think God even wants me to look at it for a while. He wants me to only write to please Him. So now you know how crazy my mind is, and how much God has to put up with! 🙂 By the way, thanks for the comment. You are so sweet. I can definitely see God’s reflection in you.

  3. I really love the idea of a surrender file. Frustration would be that mine would also be found wanting. It is a lifelong struggle to “Let go and let God.” I seemingly make advances by offering up situations (and people) to God, but find at the end of the day I am still clinging to them with white knuckles. Not sure what it will look like just yet, but a surrender folder is unique. Thanks for the encouragement. Lord, help us all to call upon Your name to carry the loads. God bless your work in His kingdom. Bryan

  4. Surrender is hard for me, but when it happens it’s so freeing. It’s all in God’s hands anyway, so why would I want to try to handle it? Yet, so often, I do. Lord, help me to acknowledge Your sovereignty over my life and to live out my head knowledge that Your dreams and desires are so much better than mine.

  5. This prayer looks exactly like someone was HEAVILY influenced by a book titled, WHEN PEOPLE ARE BIG AND GOD IS SMALL. I was humbled, reminded, and convicted… almost deleted my posting today for the same exact reason (the one you wrote about in your prayer). Thank you for sharing.

  6. To “unfinishedperson”… thank you for your prayer… this week went so much better at work…

    To “godsgirl19″… your messages to me are so uplifting…

    To “bshelley”… I so appreciate your sharing your struggles…it helps me feel like I’m not alone…

    To “beckystewart”…your prayers are so humble and honest. Thank you.

    To “eph61820″…I AM being heavily influenced by the book, WHEN PEOPLE ARE BIG AND GOD IS SMALL. Your reading suggestions have greatly pointed me closer to God. I love you.

  7. If I can ever help you with the concept of surrender, I am here for you.

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