Titus 3:7 & Celestial Eyeglasses

 Titus 3:7 (BBE) 7 So that, having been given righteousness through grace, we might have a part in the heritage, a hope of eternal life.

Imagine having turmoil and tragedy in your life and not having a faith in God? I can’t even think what a barren existence that might be. When my life gets overloaded with stress, negativity and insanity, I can at least, push aside the curtains of worries and fear and see the beyond; Christ, my gleaming hope and salvation.

The trouble is, the tensions of the world sometimes blind me and allow my short-sightedness to fall only an inch away, on this stressor, or on that fear. So close, yet, if I force my eyes to re-focus, just for an instant, through the veils, I can see, I am His adopted child, and He promised me a heritage and hope of eternal life.

Dear Lord, I see the heartbreaking news of earthquakes and tsunamis all over Your world. Your children, dying by the thousands; devastated families, and orphaned children crying in despair. My mind is having trouble comprehending the “biggness” of it all. I yearn to do something, but, I can’t. Here in my little corner of the globe, all I have is simple, fervent prayers for my sisters and brothers living in tragedy right now. I pray for the lost relatives of natural disasters and the families who still search for them. I pray that through these catastrophic losses may people turn to You for their hope. I pray that You, my celestial optometrist, will grant me new spiritual eyeglasses so my sight is re-directed from my own tiny problems, to the huge problems being experienced now by people around the world, and last, may all our eyes finally focus on You; our hope and salvation. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on June 4, 2008.

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