A Father to the Fatherless

Psalm 68:4-5 (NIV) Sing to God, sing praise to His name, extol Him who rides on the clouds – His name is the LORD – and rejoice before Him. A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in His holy dwelling.

It used to be extremely difficult for me to be dependent on anyone. When I was seven years old, Dad became ill and was in and out of hospitals for long stretches of time. Mom worked, sometimes at two jobs in order to provide basic necessities for my sister and me. I can look back at my my life and tell you that no one was ever there at important events like Parent Teacher Conferences, school plays or graduations. On Christmas and other holidays, Mom always worked because she was able to earn double pay. I grew up feeling like I was invisible and didn’t matter. When I became older, I finally understood that Mom was only doing the best she could.

I was twenty seven years old, fiercely independent, and had two children of my own when I had a profound religious experience. Over a period of three days, right before Easter, I suddenly became aware of a strong presence of intense love and this “force” recognized me, Knew me, and wanted me for its own. I didn’t understand what was happening to me, I was afraid, yet intensely happy. I started attending church with my children and we were baptized into Christ’s kingdom. These thirty years since my conversion, I’ve not been without God in my life. Although I have had times when I’ve been much closer to Him than others, He has never left my side. Through Him, I’ve learned to trust, and know that He is far greater than any earthly parent; I’m so grateful He gave me first-hand knowledge of Him, my true Father in heaven, who loves me with an everlasting love.

Dear Father, for some reason, You touched my heart this morning to remember back to the day You reached out and took me for Your own. I’m crying, as I remember the heart stopping, intense feeling of love you focused on me. I recall thinking, for the first time ever, “At last, I am finally Known.” You searched all the parts of me, and still wanted me, even with my sins and imperfections. I don’t understand Your love, or why You chose me. Why me, Lord? Why do you love me so much? I pray for those who are Fatherless, that they might find You, the only true parent there is. I pray for the lonely, may they come to understand that You can fill their lives with companionship and devotion. Most of all, I am grateful that You are tirelesslyy teaching me to rely only on You. Thank You, so much for all that You have brought me through in my life; every detail, event and incident has served to draw me closer to You. Bless all who read these words today. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on June 17, 2008.

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