Vitamin C For The Soul

Rom 12:12 (GNB) Let your hope keep you joyful, be patient in your troubles, and pray at all times.

Five years ago I began taking Vitamin C on a daily basis to enhance my immune system. The result? When everyone around me is sick with the flu or a terrible cold, I usually only have a minor dose of the rapidly spreading illness, or I’m not affected at all. However, I don’t like taking Vitamin C as it sometimes upsets my stomach. When I stopped taking it two weeks ago I remember thinking, “People don’t get sick that much in the summer, anyway.” This morning I woke up with my throat swollen shut, a stuffy nose, and what feels like dozens of scouring pads packed inside my head. Proof positive that my conclusions about summer and sickness are incorrect.

I believe the reason Jesus wants us to “pray at all times” is so we might be constantly protected against negativity, wrong thinking, and spiritual attacks, kind of like a Vitamin C for our soul. These past few weeks I couldn’t detect the cold germ invasion in my body or my weakening immune system: I went about my usual business, feeling no different, despite the subtle, yet damaging changes going on inside. Isn’t this like life? Without prayer I might indulge in just a little bit of gossip, or allow negativity to take root in my perception and before you know it, I am transformed into a complaining, bitter person. And, I may wonder, “How did I get into such a bad mood?” I can usually track the success of my day back to whether or not I began it with prayer. On those days my ego is subservient and I can ignore a thoughtless remark, the impatience of others, or events that might ordinarily cause stress. If I want to prevent spiritual sickness, I must have my daily dose of prayer.

Lord God, I thank You for strengthening my spiritual immune system through daily communion with You. I can read through some of my earlier posts and see a definite progression to a more positive point of view. Prayer works. Thank You for home-schooling me and teaching me that I need You all the time. I’m so grateful for your love. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on June 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Vitamin C For The Soul”

  1. I’ve seen a big change in you too! 🙂 Father please comfort anonymous while she is sick and heal her quickly.

  2. Great insight and a wonderful analogy between vitamin C and prayer. Thank you

  3. Hey one of my best friends name is Kevin King… oh yeah, commenting on the blog… Anyway, this was right on time. I agree… praying without ceasing is a good thing…

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