A Vacation From God

Psa 46:7, 11 (BBE) The Lord of armies is with us; the God of Jacob is our high tower. Selah.

I became sick more than a week ago and instead of waking up to a 4:00 AM alarm, I’ve been allowing myself the extra time in the morning to get more sleep. No alarm clock. It’s been a wonderful vacation. Despite being ill, and still going into work for most of the days, I believe those extra two hours of morning rest helped me to recover more quickly. However, I had been using that 4:00 AM time to pray, read my Bible and blog before going into work.

I clearly remember waking up one of the first mornings without the insistent bell of the alarm and thinking, “Today feels like a Saturday, I awoke naturally, and I still have time to get ready for work.” Even though I was ill with flu-like symptoms, it felt luxurious to have those extra two hours. As each successive day passed, I noticed more and more, that those two morning extra hours were like a daily Christmas present. What a wonderful gift extra time can be.

I may have been making myself feel better physically, but I was neglecting my spiritual life. Even with the gift of two hours extra time, I felt a nagging, prompting throughout the day, “You didn’t pray,” it seemed to be saying. “You didn’t meet with God this morning.”

I’m certainly not trying to say that God expects us to drag ourselves out of bed at an early hour when we’re sick. But, I do think He wants to see if we still get back on track to commune with Him when we’re well. Yesterday, my first day of feeling much better, I chose not to set my alarm. I still wanted the feeling of being in control of my sleep. But, I also had became accustomed to having God’s presence with me throughout the day, which appeared to be a direct result from my morning devotions to Him. God, or a two hour daily vacation, which would I choose?

Dear Father in Heaven, I thank You for the gift of knowing You, and for my continued awareness of Your presence. I know you are always with me, even during times of sickness when I don’t make time for communion with You. You promised You would never leave me, and I believe You. Thank You for for allowing me to realize on my own that I miss You more than I miss the extra sleep in morning. I want to know You better, and I desire to deepen my relationship with You. Thank you for giving me that desire. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on July 1, 2008.

3 Responses to “A Vacation From God”

  1. Thank you for adding me to your Christian blogroll! I will add you as well. It is great that we can encourage each other even with blogs.

  2. May God grant you renewed health and a sense of His very real presence in your time with Him. Interestingly, I ended up writing about Jacob today as well. Great minds, right? God bless. Bryan

  3. When I was on vacation last week, I didn’t have as much time as I normally would with God. I realized it has set up a bad habit of being lazy about seeking Him since I’ve been home. After I read your post yesterday, your words “Which would I choose?” kept going through my mind. I realized God was asking me too! Thank you for letting God speak through you. Bless you, sister!

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