Rom 8:1 (MKJV) There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the spirit.

One of the Holy Spirit’s tasks is to convict me of sin (to point out, make aware, cause to realize the truth of) so I might repent and sin no more. But, once the consciousness of my “wrongdoing” permeates my awareness, I sometimes have a difficult time forgiving myself. I don’t need the “adversary” to accuse me for my mistakes; I do a thorough job of condemning myself. This self incrimination is merciless, harsh and unrelenting.

Christ promises us forgiveness through repentance. Nowhere in His Word does it say that we should pull out our imaginary whips to continue lashing ourselves after we have repented and atoned. In Christ, the sufficiency of his pardon is more than enough. If I refuse to forgive myself, I am, in essence believing that I have done something so terrible, I don’t deserve Christ’s mercy. Is it possible that Christ has made a mistake by forgiving me? I think not.

Rom 8:31 (MKJV) What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Dear Father, Despite meeting with you on a daily basis, I still sin and make mistakes. I do the things I vow I will not do, again and again. I sometimes have an erroneous notion that You can only love me if I am perfect. Correct this misguided self assessment in me, Oh Lord. Teach me to have mercy on myself so I may show Your saving grace to others. Amen

~ by Andrea T on July 22, 2008.


  1. What we must remember is the truth. That is that Christ’s blood does not lose its power at the baptismal. We ar forgiven by His one time atonement for all our sins, past, present and future. Our confession to God is certainly not for additional forgiveness, but rather to agree with Him that what we have done is sin. That is for our sake, not His. When we stumble, sin, and stand ourselves back up, we are to again orient ourselves to walk towards Him in accordace to His standards and keep seeking to become ever more Christ-like. Always with the knowledge that temptation is not from God, but is an opportunity to choose His ways. That is walking in the Light. (1 John 1:7) Resist sthe devil with the truth and he will flee. (James 4:7) God bless you. Thanks for the wonderful thought provoking posts always. Bryan

  2. Another freedom in grace we receive is the fact that REPENTANCE is a gift… it is nothing we do…

    this really helped me recently to think through this… All of Life is Repentance –

  3. Bryan, I look for your posts and comments. You teach me and show me bible truths that I never would have realized, had it not been for you. I’m blessed that you came into my life. Thank you.

  4. To Derek, As always, I readily read the information you provide me. The article is wonderful. I saved it to my computer to read again, and again. How timely and appropriate. Thank you! I’m so glad you are a big part of my life.

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