Bird’s Nests and Psalm 91:4


Psalm 91:4 (GNB) He will cover you with His wings; you will be safe in His care; His faithfulness will protect and defend you.

I love to read Reader’s Digest Magazine. In fact, I utilized many of their short stories and “fillers” to illustrate a important point when I used to teach.

A favorite Reader’s Digest “parable” I often used for my stress reduction classes, talks about a contest… that once was held, asking people to submit a picture of what “peace” meant to them. Numerous submissions poured in from all over the world. There were paintings of serene sunsets, calm flower-filled meadows, and photos of angelic sleeping babies. However, the judges unanimously agreed that only one best illustrated the concept of peace. The prize winner’s painting was of a horrible, chaotic storm replete with lightening bolts, devastation and destruction. Why, might you wonder, was this scene of havoc selected? Off in the corner of a mangled tree (hardly noticeable) was a birds nest: In it, a mother bird had her wings outspread, while her baby chicks, slept peacefully underneath, unaware of the destruction around them.

This little story also serves as a good reminder to me for when I want to escape the anxieties and stress in my life. I can quit jobs, sever relationships, and run away from problems, but there will always be another storm wherever I go. The only true peace I will ever find is under His wings. There, enveloped in His promises, I can be at rest, in the midst of any upheaval.

Lord God, Thank You for giving me a way to find true peace in this changing world. You are my only anchor, and Your Word, the only safe harbor from the raging storms. When I feel fear in any situation, let it serve as an indicator of my need to commune with You. You are my Haven, my true rest. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on July 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Bird’s Nests and Psalm 91:4”

  1. Under His wings is the only place to abide. Good devotional.

  2. That is just like my post yesterday, and the one I’m about to write today about “peace that transcends all understanding”! So similar. That is so awesome how God teaches us similar things at the same time. I’m so glad I have you to write with, and that God is your peace. I am relieved that, although you are far away, you are safe in His arms.

  3. I thought the anchor sounded strangely familiar. Did you get that idea out of July 29 reading in Jesus Calling? That spoke to me too. I feel like I’m wandering from Him too much lately, and I want the anchor to be shorter and shorter that keeps me from wandering. Love, me

  4. Wonderful encouragement. We have a momma sandpiper and two little chicks in our backyard right now. The chicks look like little fuzz balls with stilts on. They are so cute. Whenever the mother senses danger, she has a special chirp and the little ones go running to her and she covers them with her wings Peace. Bryan

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