Approval Seeking And The Fear Of Man


Proverbs 29:25 Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the LORD is kept safe.

My character defects are obstructions that block me from having a full relationship with God. Just as I wouldn’t look at the world through dirty eyeglasses, I must be able to see God’s will for me with clarity of vision. One flaw that I struggle with is……my fear of man.

I just started reading a book titled: When People Are Big And God Is Small, by Edward T. Welch. Of the book, a reviewer states:

“Need people less. Love people more. That’s the author’s challenge…He’s talking about a tendency to hold other people in awe, to be controlled and mastered by them, to depend on them for what God alone can give…”

                                            __ Dallas Morning News

A light bulb slowly brightens in my mind as I realize many of my interactions with people have mixed motives. Like yesterday for instance, each time I interact with a certain instructor at work, I leave her presence feeling minimized and full of self recrimination. I seek her approval and she will not give it. I believe she is going be my best teacher to allow me to learn why I hold the esteem of others in such high importance. Once again, God is giving me what I need in order to refine me for His purposes.

Thank You, Lord for revealing Your plans to me. Instead of the peace I crave, You deliberately place me in challenging situations that force me to grow and become more like You. Help me to focus my eyes on You and your kingdom and not the approval of others. Amen.


~ by Andrea T on August 6, 2008.

6 Responses to “Approval Seeking And The Fear Of Man”

  1. Thank you for sharing the experiences that are happening in your life.

  2. Sigh. David, some days, I feel like I have so far to go in order to “see” God more clearly. Thanks for visiting my blog and offering your encouragement; my on-line, spiritual brothers and sisters have come to mean a lot to me. I’m so fortunate to have met you.

  3. Hi Anonymous – Found you on my Best of the Week Post! Wonderful Wonderful Blog. Holy Cow, I love the images here. You know, I take a weekly class on growing in the prophetic gifting, and we were just talking last night about approval seeking and rejection. In giving a word of prophecy for someone, rejection sometimes happens and is a big fear for people who are gifted in that area. But really, we came to the conclusion that a feeling of rejection just means that we are more focused on man’s approval than G-d’s. I think there are a lot of us working on ourselves in that area – you’re not alone. Talk to ya later.

  4. I know just what you mean about wanting to seek the approval of others. It is very frustrating, and something I constantly struggle with too. At least I’m not alone! God bless you, sister.

  5. When I have taught classes on that GREAT book you highlight above, one of the comics I shared (could never get permission) was this one:

    thought you might appreciate the giggle today!

  6. Sister Ma, (I think that’s my new name for you ), this is one of the few books that seriously changed my life. I know it tends to be powerful stuff and a little hard on the digestive system. But in the end, it is so worth it. Love ya!

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