Thunderstorms And Psalm 107:29

Psalm 107:29 He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed. 

Thunderstorms in the northeast have been relentless during July and August. Last night’s news reported for the first ten days of August, so far, we’ve gotten six times the amount of rain than we received last year for the entire month. The excess rain is causing landslides in some areas and streams are overflowing. Weather stations show pictures of downed trees from lightening strikes; some resting on top of cars or houses.

We have no choice but to persevere through storms. As of yet, no one has invented a way of changing undesirable and destructive weather. We peek out windows and resignedly cancel our plans for a day at the beach or, our hike through the woods.

I’m trying to do the same with the storms that arrive in my everyday life. I push back the curtains in my minds eye so I can see God’s clear light from afar, and tell myself, “No, I won’t oppose this circumstance,” or, “This is God’s battle, not mine.” It has made all the difference. When I give up and let go, His power prevails, and I am a bystander and witness to His majesty. It’s like God is giving me positive reinforcement in his behavior modification plan for me. I am slowly learning His ways; I can feel peace in the midst of any storm. Please Lord, teach me more.


~ by Andrea T on August 12, 2008.

2 Responses to “Thunderstorms And Psalm 107:29”

  1. Sounds like what I’ve been learning lately too. Sometimes I have to give up and submit to something difficult that I’m going through. And then even though I may be uncomfortable with my circumstances, I finally feel peace.

    I love your pictures! Bless you today, sister.

  2. God be with you today, sister in Christ.

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