Humidity, Peanuts and Hebrews 13:8

Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

When I landed at Charleston’s airport yesterday at 7:00 PM, the temperature was listed as 85 degrees.  However, in South Carolina, the air is saturated with moisture… so the heat feels heavy and hot, and this water-logged “stuff” presses against your body and, movement slows, like walking through a mass of invisible quicksand. Connie, my daughter-in-law, says that people develop gills in their neck after living here for a few years. I know she’s kidding, but my eyes dart to her jaw-line, for a quick check, (just in case).

She’s making boiled green peanuts for tomorrow’s barbeque. I never saw a “green” peanut before today so, I furtively tear back the covering of one in the Super Wal-Mart, only to discover, they are brown—not green as I expected. Hmm. We certainly don’t have things like this “up north.”

When we’re far away from home, It’s comforting to find the known in our strange surroundings. When I started my son’s computer, I knew without a doubt, he would have E-sword on it, as mine does; their bookshelves are filled with Christian books, as are mine, and many of the wall decorations are Religious–the familiar provides us with safety and assurance.

In Christ, I am strengthened by His promise that no matter the circumstance or how frequent the changes in my life, He is always there, as He was yesterday and will be tomorrow.  He doesn’t have bad days or renege on His promises; we can count on Him, and for that, we can be certain.

Dear Lord, thank You for Your unchanging nature and Your love for us. You alone give us certainty in this sometimes chaotic world. Amen


~ by Andrea T on August 29, 2008.

4 Responses to “Humidity, Peanuts and Hebrews 13:8”

  1. Boiled peanuts are the best!! They are our favorite treat when we’re “back home” in SC. Blessings for your visit!

  2. I’m looking so forward to eating them. I love trying new foods… I ate a “green” one in Wal-Mart and it was different. Connie says they have to boil all night. She is going to make them Sunday night before we go to bed and put them in her cooker. Gob Bless you!

  3. Why are they called green?

  4. The peanuts are “green” because they are new… fresh, without anything done to them yet. By the way, they were very good; they tasted like a potato with a faint, peanut flavor. They are eaten as a popular snack food.

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