Vacations And Daily Bread


Matthew 6:11 Give us this day our daily bread

I’ve been enjoying my vacation tremendously. So much so, that I’m getting quite accustomed to sleeping late and staying in pajamas until almost noon. Without the structure and busyness of my regular work-day, it’s been an effort for me to want to write to my blog. In truth, a hypnosis has overtaken me, and this altered state of mind has reasoned that as long as I’m not in my daily battleground of my workplace, it’s not as critical to stay close to God. Does that mean my relationship with Him is based on desperation? I hope not.

I know that I am utterly dependent upon His mercy and grace. I also know that I have a responsibility to be an active participant in my relationship with Him. Since returning from my trip to South Carolina however, I have been lazy about getting my “daily sustenance”.

Today I realize without a doubt, I need God in my life; whether I am battle weary or not, I cannot exist without His presence. I miss Him and I want Him near me. I know He is waiting for me…

Dear Lord, forgive me for thinking that I could take a vacation from my prayer time with You. Even though these last few days have been slow and relaxing, they have been empty without You. Thank you for Your love for us. Thank you for showing me that through hard times and peaceful days the only thing that matters is You.


~ by Andrea T on September 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Vacations And Daily Bread”

  1. Rest assured my dear anonymous friend. God is not waiting for us. He is always with His children whether at work at play or at rest. He gave us His Spirit. Our whole life is a sweet prayer to Him.

    The discipline of a daily devotional time, though good and important, does not earn us God’s favor. Jesus earned the Father’s favor for us by His sinless life, substitutionary death, and victorious resurrection from the dead. Rest in Jesus’ work and thank Him for accomplishing what we cannot.

    He loves you and He knows you love Him.

    Sleep well my friend…sleep well,
    Tim Van Arsdale
    Author, You’ve Got Spam! a refreshing collection of e-mails regarding mercy ministry

  2. Welcome back. It is interesting is it not that it is not busy lives that wears us down nor is it calm that gives us rest? We can certainly be content in all circumstances when we rely on Him and dwell in His presence. Not that a little peace and quiet is not also balm for wounds and aching body parts. God bless.

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