Psalm 61:2

 Psalm 61:2 “When my heart is overwhelmed; lead me to the Rock that is higher than I.”

My workplace “battlefield” is teaching me more than I ever could imagine. In trying to keep things in perspective, I continuously tell myself that the negativity and stress there is refining my character. Some days however, my character refuses to be refined. Working in a short staffed, chaotic environment brings out the worst in everyone, including me.

In thinking about all the extra duties that were assigned to me yesterday (tasks not even in the area of my expertise) I realize how deep my resentment runs. I’ve distanced myself from the deputy director and have been remote to overworked managers who are trying the best they can. Rancor? I feel it running deeply in my soul; shattering the image I have of myself as a kind, loving Christian. My reluctant prayer is one of thanks to God, for once again reminding me that my place of trial holds the potential for my greatest growth. And, the key to survival is placing my hope in Him alone. He promises He will carry my burdens, today I will let Him.

Dear Lord, I keep forgetting to surrender to You in the midst of difficulties. Today I release all my work expectations to You for Your perfect solution. Help me to forgive those who are assigning me duties beyond my capacity. Let me remember You are the Lord of impossible situations and positive solutions. I give the glory to You, oh Lord. Amen.



~ by Andrea T on September 24, 2008.

5 Responses to “Psalm 61:2”

  1. Life is a battlefied everyhwere, not just at work

  2. You may be the only light in that dark place. I urge you to speak blessing and encouragement into the lives of those around you. The power of Him thus released even in such a battleground may be the pivot point He has been waiting for to use you there! God bless. Bryan

  3. Bryan, Yes. You’re right. Thank you for your wisdom and advice.
    God Bless you.

  4. Thanks for this blog. I’m always so encouraged to see how God is using sites such as this one.

  5. i pray that the joy of the lord wil be more and more of you strength..thanx for this blog it gives me encoragment to be more bold and direct in blogs

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