Acts 15:11 and the Grace of God

15:11 (NKJ) But we believe that through the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ we shall be saved even as they.

Thanks be to God that writer’s have editorial license when it comes to their posts. 

I’ve been waking up at two or three AM; staying up to post to this blog and then I return to get the rest of my night’s sleep.  I’m afforded this luxury because I’m in a partial day hospitalization program that begins at 9:00 AM.

Sometimes, I just take my Bible and flip it open to a page and write about a topic I see.  This morning, every time I “flipped”, the Bible opened to the Old Testament.  I grew somewhat frustrated because I needed something other than the sometimes judgemental, condemning, Old Testament God who lurks around every corner, watching my every move to immediately catch me in a sin, no matter how small.

After some prayer, I decide to write about grace.  I have been a follower of Plain Truth Ministries where the concept of grace is constantly being featured and it’s new and exciting and–I hunger for more.  I did a Bible word search through the Bible Gateway and came up with this (what I thought) was a very appropriate Bible passage as my starting point for this blog: Acts 15:11.

I Googled the words “Acts 15:11” and amazingly, the words “circumcision” filled the results instead of “grace.”  With some consternation, I decided that despite this passage being a “snippet taken out context”, and “in context” is about the Biblical conflict over whether one needs circumcision to be saved… I was going to use it anyway. As I write this, I’m also aware that some educated Theologians throughout the world of blogdom may be slapping their foreheads, groaning and praying for my doomed soul.  I don’t care.

For me, God’s grace is: when all I had to do was stop drinking, God did the rest to save me and bring me back to Him. God’s grace is: a loving, tender merciful Father Who sometimes says, “no” and allows me to suffer the consequences of my own actions.  God’s grace is: a patient Father who forgives me my sins over and over and once forgiven, does not condemn or remind me of my human weakness. God’s grace is: a gentle teacher where the Holy Spirit takes up again where He left off when I first became lost and kindly guides me on the path again. God’s grace is: He will bring me to a point of yearning for Him and desiring His presence, all I have to do is take a small step in His direction.

Dear Father in Heaven I am in awe of Your love for me. I know I’m saved by Your grace.  I know that I have been rescued from a life of despair. You are my spiritual refreshment that whets my thirst. You are my peace and my salvation. I know I am forgiven. Thank You for Your grace.  Amen.

*Thanks be to God also for Greg Albrecht and his ministry of Plain Truth Ministries that is changing my life.


~ by Andrea T on July 15, 2010.

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