Ex 16:21 God doesn’t need Gimmicks

Ex 16:21 They gathered Manna every morning.

Since summer began my cat has been sleeping on a neighbor’s porch chair upstairs to hunt and look out for small animals to kill during the night.  He is quite proficient in his job. One day, three dead mice littered my driveway, other days it’s usually just one or two.

Yesterday as I was leaving for an appointment I saw Blackie hunched in the grass intensely focussed on a spot, not far away from him. I walked over to inspect it and yes, it was a trembling mole that was almost ready to die. I had an instant urge to rescue the creature from my relentless cat. Can you imagine… wanting to save mice, moles and voles from certain death?

On the way to my appointment I thought, “I’ll use this as a story on my blog tomorrow. I’ll just need to find an appropriate Bible verse to go along with the ‘cat and mouse’ story and find the lesson in its happening.

Upon awakening today, I said a quick short prayer and started to look for just the “right” Bible verse that would fit a cat and mouse theme. There was none.  Then I tried hard to think of the lesson in the cat and mole story. Again, nothing.

I prayed a little bit longer this time. suddenly, it occurred to me, that God doesn’t need gimmicks, nor do my readers need lessons.  All I had to do was pray before writing this blog and I would have the ‘correct’ words and story. God gives me what I need right when I need it. Not a day before or weeks ahead of time…

Dear Father in Heaven, I am relearning how to trust in You. I’m so grateful that You love all of us enough that You want us for Your own. Thankfully, no gimmicks or pre-planned story lines are needed for You, King of the Universe. Teach me more. Help me to continue to commune with you daily as I have been doing. Amen


~ by Andrea T on July 16, 2010.

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