Jude 1:21 and God’s Love

Jude 1:21 (NIV) Keep yourselves in God’s love as you wait for the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ to bring you to eternal life.

I was talking to my friend last week about the Bible and how some people use it as a tool for condemnation. I told her about a scene from the movie, Joshua, where Joshua was being asked by a skeptical and rebuking high priest who was holding up his Bible, “What do you think this book is about?” he asked.

Joshua replied, “It’s a love letter from our Father to us.”

The entire movie is about God’s grace and His infinite love. Did I mention I’ve watched it four times?

At this point in my life I’m being attracted to Christian beliefs that encompass and espouse God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.  Like an insatiable hunger, I’m trying to learn all I can about grace and forgiveness.  Perhaps the places inside me where my own self negation and chastisement are starting to arise will need these new thoughts as a spirit-led counteraction.

Dear Abba, Thank You for guiding me in the direction I must go. I sincerely believe You are with all of us, waiting for to us cry out for Your forgiveness and mercy. Guide Your believers in knowing You love us first and foremost and if we believe in You and Your love You will direct us along the path that brings us closer to Your throne.

~ by Andrea T on July 26, 2010.

One Response to “Jude 1:21 and God’s Love”

  1. read – Heaven give me words by Milan Vukovic and then you will know what God asks of us and how much He has given us. To know yourself is to know God. Without this knowledge you will go nowhere.

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