Giving Thanks in all Circumstances: 1 Th 5:18

 1 Th 5:18 Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God, Christ Jesus in you…

It’s very easy for me to thank God for His goodness when things are going well in my life… in fact, I love to give testimony when he reveals His generous hand.  It’s when the challenges appear and I have to struggle through my days with misperceptions of others, tedious duties, anxious waiting, and anger and hurt directed at me that it’s difficult, if not impossible to say “Thanks, God for this negative situation I’m experiencing right now.” I can count the times on my fingers when I have been grateful for trying circumstances in the midst of their unfolding.  In fact, my “thanks” usually comes in retrospect, sometimes years later… after the passing of time and a comfortable distance allows me to say “Wow, God was there the whole time, teaching me and making me a better person.”

Is it because I’m praying daily and reading my Bible more often that my perception is changing so I am more quickly able to see what He is trying to teach me in difficult circumstances?  I suspect so.  Now, there is only a few days “lag time” between a difficult incident and a spiritual slap to my awareness that reveals the lesson He wanted me to learn.  And, unfortunately I’m finding out within that 2-day lag time my initial response to a negative situation was dead wrong… it’s not the “other” person who is negative and attacking, it’s God giving me an opportunity to be a peacemaker, to love even more… right in the middle of a misperception, to be His humble servant… just as I’ve asked.  He is a God that doesn’t forget our prayers.

Dear Abba, Father,

I stand amazed before You as You reveal Your secrets to me.  When I asked You to make me more like You I never realized it would be this difficult.  I asked You to make me an instrument of Your peace.  How else could I learn this unless I was occasionally confronted with anger? Where would I be able to practice these new skills unless I was sometimes subjected to a situation where they were necessary?  You are giving me all I asked for and it’s only lately I’m beginning to truly see it.  Thank you for opening my eyes to Your deep love for us all.  Nothing happens that is of no consequence to You.  All things work for good for those who love You.  Please continue to teach me and refine me so I am your faithful and willing servant.  Amen

~ by Andrea T on April 16, 2012.

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  1. Really Good one.

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