Luke 10:21 And Child-Like Grown-ups

Luke 10:21 …I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth that You have hidden these things from the wise and revealed them to little children; yes, Father, for such was Your gracious will…

Since I’ve moved to South Carolina I’m surrounded by Theologians and people who know the Bible inside and out.  If I’m involved in a discussion I usually keep my mouth shut for fear that others will immediately realize that I cannot quote Scripture passages from memory or recite little known intricacies of Jewish life or customs as well as they.  Although my faith has grown in these past months, I’m realizing that my Scripture study and memorization will take many years before I am  on equal footing of those around me.

I spoke to a man of God after church about my interpreting messages to mean that I am not acceptable to God unless I pray the correct way or have the Bible memorized.  He affirmed the value of having Biblical knowledge to learn more about Christ but also stressed the importance of one’s love for God… a sort of balance between “head and heart.” “And,” he asked, “What about the deacon who faithfully serves God for 20 years, never missing a Sunday or day to serve the Lord, is his offering any less because he cannot recite passages by rote?” I had to agree. 

What has been amazing to me that it seems when I have an unanswered question that involves assurance of my love for God or vice-versa, or the worthiness of my devotion to Him, someone or something happens to affirm that my gifts too, are duly accepted… just the same as the theologians.  Today, for instance, in my morning devotional Bible reading Luke 10:21 came up, not once, but twice.  Is that coincidence? I don’t think so.  God knows the love I feel for Him and He is sovereign over my life because I want a relationship with Him.  He sent his Holy Spirit to guide me and teach me His ways according to His timetable and will for me. Of course He wants me to learn more about Him and to study His word but, no human can presume to know my love for God or seek to over-rule the Spirit’s guidance in my life. Gentle guidance is of God.

Dear Abba,  I want to love You more and honor You with all of my being. I thank You when the inner voices say “You’re not enough, you’re not approaching God the right way,” or “Your gift isn’t as good as a theologians,” I can count on Your gentle guidance and teaching when I continue to commune with you.  Thank you for directing my life and showing me Your ways. Thank You for telling me that my gift is just as precious as someone who has spent years studying You. Amen


~ by Andrea T on April 17, 2012.

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