Jehovah Rohi: The Lord is My Shepherd



Psalm 23 New Century Version (NCV)

The Lord the Shepherd

A psalm of David

23 The Lord is my shepherd;

    I have everything I need.

2 He lets me rest in green pastures.

    He leads me to calm water.

I am researching to see if black sheep in Biblical times were given the same care and protection by the shepherd as white sheep. Unfortunately, after reading Wikipedia and other random articles it appears that no one but me is trying to find the answer.

You see I am a black sheep and black coloring in sheep is a recessive gene. From what I can deduce (and it’s not much) other sheep seem to know there is something a bit different about a black sheep and usually aren’t as welcoming to her in the flock.  Being a recessive gene also means there aren’t very many black sheep and when one appears, the event is not usually received with joy.

Like the black sheep, I have had to carefully tread through dangerous valleys and over sharp rocks on my own.  More often than not it’s hard to keep up with the herd if they deliberately avoid you or don’t care if you’ve slipped off the side of a cliff.  I’m really trying to find out if Jesus cared the same for the black sheep in his flock?

You may have guessed by now I want to know if I can claim the 23rd Psalm as a reassurance that it was written for me too, one of the black sheep of the world.  Tears sting my eyes and a sudden thought occurs: Jesus had a habit of hanging out with lepers, sinners and other undesirables of His day, surely, He would have felt even more compassion for the rejected black sheep.  Yes, our Lord loves me too. I am certain.

4 Even if I walk through a very dark valley,

    I will not be afraid,

because you are with me.

    Your rod and your shepherd’s staff comfort me.



~ by Andrea T on May 23, 2013.

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