Dog Bones and Psalm 119:29

jesus_teaching1Psalm 119:29  Keep me from going the wrong way, and in your goodness teach me your law.

I spanked my dog for the first time today in eight months. Oh, I’ve spoken to her sternly when she’s gotten a bit out of control but, beyond that she has never felt a slap on the behind from me. She is so cute and sweet but I’ve noticed she is listening to me less and her bad behaviors still have not gone away.

This morning I went too close to her after giving her a new spare-rib bone (which she loves).  She lunged for my face, growled and snapped.  Instinctively I spanked her bottom about three or four times while scolding her in a loud angry voice.  She trembled in fear.

I immediately felt guilty for using my hand for punishment and for allowing myself to get out of control enough to physically punish her. I believe in positive training and I violated all of its principles.

I wonder how God feels as He sits back and watches our bad behavior until our poor choices bring us to a place of trouble and turmoil. I’m sure He experiences regret and compassion for us as He observes our suffering the consequences of our own undoing.

I’m thinking about how (like Dixie) I need God for His guidance and protection.  Without Him I have a tendency to also get out of control and make decisions based on emotion and fear. I need a handler and trainer as much as my dog does although, she can’t willingly come asking me to teach her obedience.  But I can decide to allow Him to shape me and mold me into the person He wants me to become by surrendering to my “Master God” on a daily basis. And, like my willful dog, I know God will have to keep repeating His instructions to me so I don’t get out of control.

Since her spanking Dixie has been a model of obedience and restraint.  She needs a firm and gentle teacher to correct her and shape her into a respectful canine companion. I will work harder to give her the correction she needs in a manner that elicits cooperation, not fear, as my Heavenly Father does.

Dear Abba, Thank you for teaching me today that I need you more than ever. I willingly submit to you all my thoughts, decisions and actions so that each is reflection of your love and mercy.  Help me to become more obedient your wishes and to have a greater awareness of your love for me. Amen



~ by Andrea T on August 6, 2013.

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