Rabies Shots, Music and Drawing Near to God

When I listen to Christian music I am transported into God’s presence.  Even if secular music is playing on a radio I imagine all the love songs are God singing to me. If the voice is female, oh well, in my belief system God is neither male or female so any love song will do (just as long as it doesn’t have the lover leaving me in the end.)

When I am close to God strange things happen, like today I had to take my dog for a 3-year rabies booster.  We go to a local pet store that has a vaccination clinic and I dread it.  She is a Pekingese/Terrier mix and she hates other dogs, especially big ones. I call the store hoping to arrive when all the other dogs have left and the vet is about to leave. If all the big dogs have left I’ll have an easier time with her. Every time I have taken her, I miss the “right time” by some minutes.  And, I hate driving to Northampton, MA on a Saturday with all the people and red lights. Also having a barking dog in the front seat destroys any thought of having an enjoyable drive.  She warns people, dogs, birds and big trucks to keep their distance and today there were a lot of them.

But, I made almost every green light on the way and even found a manageable parking spot at the pet store and even more shockingly, there was only one other dog around and it was on the way out! I was in and out in about 15 minutes. Now I don’t tell many people that when I’m close to God He finds me parking spots and gives me green lights all the way, but it sure seems like life is easier when He’s near.

Glory to God in the Highest, when nothing else could help You came and rescued me, Your love lifted me… Your love lifted me, I am free to sing of Your love…



~ by Andrea T on April 14, 2018.

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