Jehovah Shammah: I am the God who is always there.


Romans 15:13 “May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace through your faith in him. Then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit”

I have a tendency to brood over seemingly little things, I wonder  why a friend hasn’t called as she regularly does, have I done something to anger her?

I haven’t been sleeping and often wake up exhausted, I worry the lack of sleep will make my kidney disease worsen.

I found out my favorite nephrologist has left for a practice out of state, I worry a new nephrologist won’t care as much or give me as good treatment. And on and on the list is endless.

This morning I wake up tired and hopeless.  No sleep again last night and I have things to do.  I am crying.

I read Bible passages, pray and meditate and already  feel a sense of hope and relief knowing that God’s promise to always be there is comforting to me. How quickly peace is lost when I don’t take the time to pray and remember everything is under God’s control.

Thank you Abba for  Your wonderful promises. Once again I surrender to you my cares and fears knowing Your will and reliance on You is all I need.  Amen

~ by Andrea T on July 20, 2018.

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